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Friday - April 20 - 2018
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3 Ways to Eliminate Fleas from your Pet, Yard and Home

3 Ways to Eliminate Fleas

Warmer Weather Brings an Influx of Fleas

Spring is here and parasites are loving this warmer weather as much as people are.

Warmer weather brings fleas to the forefront; they can quickly infest your yard, pets and home. If you want to be flea free you must treat all three to eliminate those annoying pests.

Treat the Pet


To ensure you’re killing all the fleas you must first treat the source, your pet. It makes no sense to treat the entire house and yard and not kill the fleas biting your pet.

FLEE® Plus IGR Spot-On for Dogs

Martin's FLEE Spot-on Products for Dogs

Using products with an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) such as Martin’s FLEE® Plus IGR Spot-Ons, Aerosol Spray and Trigger Spray kills adult fleas and breaks the flea life-cycle.

Treat the Home


Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum…to ensure you’re removing pet dander and flea larvae from the carpet where they live.

FLEE® Plus IGR Carpet Spray

Martin's FLEE Plus IGR Carpet Spray

Wash your pet’s bedding in HOT water and treat your carpets with Martin’s FLEE® Plus IGR Carpet Spray that kills adult fleas and prevents flea re-infestation for up to 7 months!

Treat the Yard


Don’t forget that flea larvae can be living and growing in shaded areas of your yard, especially in areas where your pet likes to hangout. 

FLEE® Ready-to-Use Yard Spray

Martin's FLEE Ready-to-Use Yard Spray

Martin’s FLEE® Ready-to-Use yard spray makes it easy and is great for a fast knockdown and quick kill of fleas outdoors. The product is packaged in a hose-end sprayer, so there’s no mixing or measuring.

Break the Life Cycle with an IGR

The flea's life cycle has four stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult. The adult flea lives on your pet and uses your it as a place to take its blood meals and breed. Fleas lay eggs directly on the animal, but they quickly drop off into the immediate surroundings (your home or backyard).

What is an IGR & How Do They Work?

The eggs hatch into larvae that live in carpeting, cracks or corners of your pet's living area and areas of your yard frequented by your pets. The larvae survive by ingesting dried blood excreted by adult fleas, animal dander and other organic matter. To complete the life cycle, larvae develop into pupae that transform into adults that emerge and continue the life cycle.


The IGR’s in Martin’s FLEE® Plus products prevent flea infestations by breaking the flea life cycle.  Flea eggs exposed to the IGR’s will not hatch.  Larvae will continue to grow and pupate, but the IGR’s stop the pupa from developing into an adult flea.  So, if no adult fleas are produced in your home and yard, and they have been killed on your pet, the infestation is over.

FLEE® Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs

Martin's FLEE Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs

As a preventative it is a great idea to use Martin’s FLEE® Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs for 12 months of protection to ensure your dog isn’t a meal for fleas and ticks all year long!


Read all label directions of use before applying any Martin’s brand product.