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Friday - May 10 - 2019
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Control Summertime Insects Around Your Clubhouse and Course

Control Summertime Insects Around Your Clubhouse and Course

While a golf course superintendent must have a sharp focus on controlling pests that may affect the playing surfaces of the course, the clubhouse areas should not be overlooked.  In that regard, Quali-Pro and Control Solutions also have simple, fast-acting, lasting insect control strategies that can help keep the areas surrounding the clubhouse pest free, enhancing the overall experience of your club members and guests.

Mosquito Control


New from Control Solutions, PROFLEX insecticide offers long term control of mosquitoes, gnats, crickets, ants, fleas, ticks and many other insect pests commonly found in, on, and around buildings and structures.  PROFLEX utilizes a combination of three active ingredients and micro encapsulation to provide exceptional insect control that is both fast and long-lasting. 

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Fire Ants




Fire ants and other stinging insects can be a serious concern in outdoor areas where people congregate.  Quali-Pro’s Taurus Trio G provides season-long fire ant control along with the added benefits of controlling fleas, ticks, and mole crickets.   

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Wasps & Hornets


Other worrisome insects such as wasps, yellowjackets, and hornets can be knocked down instantly from up to 20 feet away using Control Solutions Stryker Wasp and Hornet Killer, available as a ready-to-use aerosol.  Stryker’s residual activity also ensures complete elimination of the nest.

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Ornamental Pest Control


While familiar to many for use as a spring preventive grub control, Quali-Pro Imidacloprid also provides control of many common insect pests in ornamentals.  When applied as a soil drench, Quali-Pro Imidacloprid systemically controls piercing-sucking insects such as aphids, mealybugs, scale, and whiteflies in landscape plantings for months.  Quali-Pro offers multiple formulations including sprayable liquid and water-soluble bag concentrates, as well as a spreadable granular formulation.

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