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Wednesday - May 31 - 2017
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Mosquito Control Opportunities Part 1

 In years past vector control was considered more of an add-on service, but today many PMP’s have created a steady source of revenue with reoccurring mosquito services. Let’s look at some service applications that a PMP can perform and how they fit into your service portfolio.

Wide Area Mosquito Control

Most mosquito control districts, governments and non-profit organizations perform these applications on a regular basis using truck-mounted ultra-low volume equipment as well as aircraft for large mass areas. There are plenty of opportunities for the PMP to engage in these types of applications. Some small towns and communities don’t have the resources to have their own employees trained or licensed to perform these applications. Gated communities, homeowner associations (HOAs), camp grounds, RV parks, resorts, zoos, golf courses, parties, outdoor weddings, theme parks, baseball fields, soccer fields, church events and any industrial sites including petroleum chemical facilities also fit into this application opportunities. CSI offers several products fit for these “Wide Area” applications including: CSI 4-4, CSI 30-30, Mosquito Mist Ultra, Stryker® and Stryker® 5-25.

Mosquito Misting Systems

Installing and servicing these systems provides an opportunity for reoccurring revenue. The idea behind this concept is to install equipment that will deliver a small amount of product, through a series of nozzles, around the structure to control mosquitoes or other insects. Generally, these systems are set on an automatic timer to go off several times of the day and night. CSI offers several products labeled for misting systems including: Vector Ban, Vector Ban Plus, Mosquito Mist Ultra, Stryker® and Stryker® 5-25.

Mosquito Control Opportunities Part II