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Tuesday - June 06 - 2017
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Mosquito Control Opportunities Part 2


For many Pest Management Professionals mosquito control presents a variety of opportunities to increase revenue and drive profits to your bottom line.

In years past vector control was considered more of an add-on service, but today many PMP’s have created a steady source of revenue with reoccurring mosquito services. Let’s look at some service applications that a PMP can perform and how they fit into your service portfolio.


Applying product that is labeled for applications to standing water where mosquito larvae live is known as larviciding. This application is many times overlooked by the PMP and can provide long term control in areas of heavy infestation and will work very well in conjunction with any adulticiding applications that you consider.


Barrier Treatments

These applications have become one of the fastest growing segments in the pest control industry. Some of the fastest growing franchises in the pest management industry have built business models around these barrier treatments. Most PMP’s use backpack mister-blowers to apply an adulticide and/or growth regulator around the target area of control. CSI’s Bifen IT is proven to be especially effective for this type of application. PMP’s looking for an extended residual time will find that CSI’s CYZMIC® CS with CapVantage® Technology delivers results that stand the test of time, especially in sweltering summer months and other adverse conditions.

In 2014, CSI launched Tekko® Pro, a proprietary combination chemistry® that is a growth regulator (IGR) containing two active ingredients, Pyriproxyfen and Novaluron. These two actives have different modes of action which makes Tekko® Pro an ideal fit within your integrated pest management approach.

In fact, when you combine the three active ingredients found in CYZMIC® CS & Tekko® Pro, you get superior performance and the added security of our 60-day Mosquito Protection Program. Control Solutions, Inc. guarantees 60 days of no call backs after you apply CYZMIC® CS in combination with Tekko® Pro (in accordance with program guidelines) for residential control of Mosquitoes. For more details, please contact your local account manager.

Incorporating mosquito control to your service offering will help you grow your business, and CSI is here to support you. With our first-class technical expertise and our broad, affordable and effective product portfolio, we can help no-matter what application type you choose.

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